Oct 28 2020

EDUCAUSE 2020: College Presidents Rally to Lead and Empower in Response to COVID-19

Higher education is facing one of its most existential threats with the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing campuses to shut down and shift to virtual instruction indefinitely. This has had a profound impact on student services, faculty retention, technology investments and budgets. College presidents are leading the charge on gathering resources and rallying their campuses to push through this incredibly challenging time. 

We spoke with several college presidents to better understand how they've been managing so far with the pandemic and how technology is bolstering their response plans for the short term and redefining their mission and vision in the long term. Find more coverage of EDUCAUSE 2020, including more interviews and advice from higher ed experts here.


    • Dr. William Serrata, President, El Paso Community College
    • Scott Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University
    • Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Video Highlights

  • Early technology-forward investments are paying off now as they have eased the abrupt shift to remote instruction for some universities.
  • Empowering faculty, staff and students is key because no college or university will emerge from the global pandemic unchanged.
  • Higher education will have to redefine its purpose and value at this moment, and how college leadership responds will shape that future.