Oct 16 2019

EDUCAUSE 2019: Smart Solutions Give Small Teams a Platform for Success

Small IT teams face the same challenges as large institutions, often without the benefit of specialized staff and big budgets. Often, these professionals wear multiple hats and make the most of technology solutions that make it possible to do more with less. Platforms that enhance visibility across systems and allow staff to collaborate can be a powerful solution.  

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    • Nick Roberts, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Davidson College
    • Don Bryant, CISO, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Video Highlights

  • A unified platform solution can give staff a secure, integrated way to access and manage data and resources from various applications.
  • Compounding existing security threats is the challenge of trying to respond without enough money, personnel or time (or all three).
  • Better visibility and automated intelligence make it possible for small teams to pay attention to security threats that matter most.