Nov 01 2018

EDUCAUSE 2018: Higher Ed IT Pros Keep Security Top of Mind

Having a dedicated security function on campus can affect an institution’s ability to advance its security mission. We interviewed IT professionals about how to keep their security agendas moving forward, despite obvious obstacles.

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    Alex Henson, CIO, Virginia Commonwealth University

    Donald Tharp, CIO, Ashland University

    Bill Conlee, Network Specialist, University of Kansas School of Medicine


Video Highlights

  • Many institutions, especially smaller colleges, don’t have a dedicated CISO. At Ashland University in Ohio, they decided to "homegrow" theirs by training someone already there, says CIO Donald Tharp.
  • Education is vital to any security agenda, say the experts EdTech interviewed.
  • Many breaches and other hacking attempts can be avoided by training users.

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