Oct 02 2014

EDUCAUSE 2014: Data Security A Top Concern for Higher Ed IT Teams

When it comes to worries that keep IT leaders up at night, data security tops the list. EDUCAUSE attendees share new ways of thinking about data risks and mitigation.


    • Michael Chapple, Senior Director, Enterprise Support Services, University of Notre Dame
    • Thomas Hoover, Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    • Michele Norin, CIO, University of Arizona

Video Highlights

  • Inventorying the most sensitive pieces of information and removing them where possible is the first step in identifying and managing data risk.
  • Question whether idenfiying information is truly necessary to maintain, or whether there are better ways to identify students without risking their privacy or security.
  • IT security teams should work each day to "hack" and discover vulnerabilities first.

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