If the pandemic has taught higher education anything, it’s the value of a contingency plan.
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‘Diversity Is a Mindset’

Rutgers University’s Tina Pappas discusses the importance of diversity, inclusion and accessibility in higher education IT.

Product Review

See More, Win More

Here's a look at how a monitor can help esports teams gain their competitive edge.


A Ransomware Perfect Storm

Comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity architectures can help assess the risks and potential threats.

Get Smart

Handling the Remote Learning Workload

Ensure that faculty, staff and students have a steady connection with these easy tips.

Tech Tips

Prioritizing the Security Metrics That Matter

With so many metrics to monitor, how do you determine which are the most critical?

FAQ Five

Putting Much-Needed Devices in Students’ Hands

What does it take to implement a one-to-one device program?

IT Futurist

Building the Internet of Tomorrow

Quantum networking holds new potential for academia.

Product Review

Bringing Classroom Connectivity Almost Anywhere

A high-quality hotspot like the T-Mobile Franklin T9 makes distance learning more accessible.


Are VPNs the Solution to Higher Ed Security?

Common user misconceptions about VPNs create security risks. Here’s what your end users may not know.

Tech Watch

Leveling the Playing Field

Explore how online learning can become a new frontier for student success — especially for disadvantaged students.



Zoom Room Boom

The pandemic has led many colleges and universities to equip more of their classrooms with web conferencing technologies.


Extended Access

In a world of mobile learning, higher education is tasked with supporting the most vulnerable student populations.


At Your Service

Colleges are turning to MSP to assist with network, application and help desk support, IT security and other needs.


Up to the Test

At colleges and universities across the country, IT departments are working behind the scenes to support successful COVID-19 testing efforts.