COVID-19 upended higher education in a way that increasingly looks irreversible. How can colleges and universities move forward?
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Get Smart

Someone to Lean On (Remotely)

Here are some lessons from COVID-19.

Product Review

More Than Remote Protection

Boost remote classroom security with robust, high-value anti-virus software.

Tech Tips

Remotely Engaged

Here’s how to bolster STEM student engagement, whether in the lab or the living room.

Tech Insights

Make the Case for Security Spending

As higher education responds to the increased vulnerabilities that come with remote learning, leaders should take time to align around their security strategy.

IT Futurist

Clean Sweep

On a post-pandemic campus, could drones hold the key to sanitation?

Get Smart

The Remote Learning Diaries

For students around the nation, the pandemic-prompted shift to remote and online learning came with a blend of roadblocks and revelations.

Product Review

Nuance Dragon Bluetooth

This wireless Bluetooth headset gives users the ability to stretch their legs without sacrificing accuracy or audibility.

Security Save

Secure Your VPN, No Matter What

Modern VPNs work so well that they get little attention, leaving them open to cyberthreats and tampering from the outside.

Tech Trends

Printing Out PPE

Many in higher education are putting their 3D printers to work in the fight against the pandemic.



Fueling Startup Success

University-affiliated incubators, accelerators and innovation hubs breathe life into emerging technologies.


AI Arrives in Academia

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction in classrooms, research labs and physical plants on campus.


Seek and Safeguard

With the fall term around the corner and no one-size-fits-all solution to protect staff and students from COVID-19, universities are considering a range of emerging infectious disease tracking solutions to safeguard their campuses.


Community College Challenge

Pandemic response requires planning, creativity and a strong dedication to students.

Up Front


A Whole New World

Remote learning, while intimidating at first, can actually offer a better instructional experience for hearing-impaired faculty.