The university takes fans to greater heights with a new Cisco network, StadiumVision, Stadium Connect Wi-Fi and sound system.

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Tech Tips

Recovery Checklist

For risk mitigation, higher education must now consider the cloud.


Mind the Gaps

Along with anti-virus programs and spyware blockers, system hardening is also necessary to keep computers secure.


Almost There

As the cost to install and support enabling technologies continues to fall, VR-based instruction could soon become the norm in higher education.

Tech Trends

High (Tech) Fashion

As wearables hit the mainstream, campuses discover more than one way to tap the devices’ potential.

Product Review

Review: Acronis Backup for PC

The latest version of Acronis’s backup software eases recovery while offering a host of customizable features to fit any environment.

Product Review

Review: Acer S1385WHne DLP Projector

Display 3D and high-definition content in almost any higher ed classroom setting, connecting from almost any mobile device.

Tech Focus

Dueling for User Desks

Learn how desktops as a service and virtual desktop infrastructure compare and where they fit best.



Open Exchange of Ideas

A strategic plan for network upgrades help universities meet the growing demands of mobile natives.


Take Aim

Higher education responds to calls to provide more real-world training and experience with high-tech tools that also boost campuses’ cool factor.


Logical Move

Colleges virtualize infrastructure to maximize computing power and minimize power and cooling costs.


Rethink Living and Learning Spaces

Don’t call them dorms — 21st century residence halls offer flexible spaces where students can connect and collaborate using high-tech tools.


From the Editor

Enhance Student Experience

The latest issue of EdTech focuses on how universities are using technology to bring the real world into classroom.

Contributor Column

Teaching Future Innovators

Training a tech-savvy workforce requires institutions to rethink classroom-based instruction.

Contributor Column

Almost Like Being There

Online classes are improving every day thanks to advances in unified communications.