Sep 26 2019

Student License Pack for Adobe Creative Cloud: The Innovation Incentive

Adobe’s new licensing structure delivers more than 30 applications while simplifying IT management.

In nearly every career, digital skills have become essential for postsecondary transitions from educational environments to technology-driven workplaces. 

As noted by The Balance Careers, sought-after skills include the ability to both create digital content and measure its impact across multiple social media channels. 

For colleges and universities with aging IT infrastructure and limited budgets, this presents a challenge: How do they equip students with the technology and tools they’ll need beyond campus borders?

Adobe’s new Creative Cloud offering, the Student License Pack, gives students a competitive edge without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

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Educational Licensing Helps Students Master In-Demand Software Skills

Adobe’s Creative Cloud for education lets students leverage more than 30 applications across desktops and mobile devices, including three that are commonly used across industries:

  • Acrobat Pro DC: Makes it easy to create, edit, share and collaborate using PDF documents
  • Illustrator: Lets users easily create vector-based graphics and illustrations
  • Photoshop: Streamlines the process of image editing and compositing

Combined with the Adobe Bridge app, which centralizes creative assets using the Adobe cloud, students’ content is available whenever, wherever, making it easy to work from home or collaborate with classmates. According to recent Adobe revenue reports, Creative Cloud continues to make enterprise inroads “fueling the creative economy and driving the paper-to-digital revolution.” 

Familiarity with this toolset gives students a critical head start when they transition to digital workplace environments. 

Budget-Friendly Pricing Delivers to Both Users and IT Staff

As noted in a recent Gallup article, there’s a link between creativity and workplace engagement. Creative Cloud empowers students to develop creative mindsets, challenge themselves to improve and collaborate with both instructors and other pupils.

Historically, licensing costs and complications have resulted in roadblocks for this creative outlet. 

Although student pricing was available, costs ramped up after the first year, and IT administrators lacked direct control over student-made, private accounts, leaving them with two options: limit use across campus networks or accept a potential security risk. Under the company’s new plan to amplify education, there’s another option: the Student License Pack. 

Part of Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan structure, this license plan lets colleges unleash the power of innovation at scale

With a minimum order of 250 licenses, institutions receive pricing of $189 per student, per year — half the cost of other student plans. Creative Cloud services are accessible on campus and via personal devices anytime, anywhere.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a stripped-down version of the software. Students receive full access to all cloud services, with individual products and permissions assigned by campus IT admins.

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Institutions Scale Out Creative Cloud to Support Collaborative Learning

Institutions such as Utah State University are using the new license structure to roll out campus-wide Creative Cloud access. The ability to scale out these resources and to offer them to students at low or no cost paves the way for collaborative and creative projects in multiple disciplines. 

Colleges are also leveraging Creative Cloud resources to support specific outcomes, including:

  • Improving community connections: Using Adobe Premiere Pro, students at Boston University were able to create a powerful video about the impact and treatment of autism, a project that exceeded curriculum expectations and helped learners connect with their community.
  • Enhanced student collaboration: At the Academy of Art University, students collaborate using Creative Cloud apps and Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to create and publish the university’s annual digital publication. Students can then use Adobe Portfolio to store and showcase their work to potential employers.
  • Advanced access control: According to Cory Stokes, the digital learning officer and associate dean of undergraduate studies at the University of Utah, “access to Adobe Creative Cloud is a huge differentiator for attracting students.” But the cloud also offers key benefits for IT administrators; using fully federated ID sync, students can sign into Creative Cloud with their university IDs and download the apps they want, when they want, in a secure environment.

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Bulk Licensing Gives IT Teams Centralized Control and Visibility

In the past, per-student licensing posed a problem for postsecondary IT admins: Managing individual accounts at scale can quickly become time- and resource-intensive, resulting in frustration for students and potential security breaches for staff.

The Student License Pack structure provides centralized control and visibility, making it easy for admins to see how many licenses are deployed, who’s using them and how much time is left on each term. 

Terms can be customized to suit budgets, and institutions are able to add or remove licenses and products to ensure students have access to exactly what they need — and nothing they don’t.

This dovetails with the typical enterprise IT experience. While users may leverage personal mobile devices to access software suites, licensing is controlled at scale and access is deployed using the principle of least privilege.

Students must cultivate digital skills to succeed in the new workplace. Postsecondary institutions must support this creative evolution at scale — without spending beyond their means or compromising IT security.

Adobe’s new Student License Pack offers the best of both worlds: complete access to Creative Cloud for students tempered by per-license access and privilege management for IT admins.

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