Dec 30 2014

The 10 Most Popular EdTech: Focus on Higher Education Stories of 2014

Look back on the stories our readers loved and shared the most this year.

The future of higher education is obscured. But according to EDUCAUSE 2014’s first general-session speaker, higher education is poised for evolution through the disruptive power of online learning.

The theme of evolution in higher learning could be seen throughout EdTech: Focus on Higher Education’s coverage in 2014, from the shifting landscape of online learning to the rise of competency-based education to the integration of wearable technology in the classroom.

Wearable technologies continue to be popular on campuses, and our coverage of how Google Glass has been used in classrooms caught the attention of hundreds of readers. How might this technology continue to shape learning in the future?

At EDUCAUSE 2014, Brian Kibby, president of textbook publisher McGraw-Hill Higher Education, boldly stated, "Textbooks are dead. They're dinosaurs." Kibby used the statement to launch into a discussion of how the printed word is evolving, thanks to adaptive learning techniques.

But there’s also a shift happening in course focus. Harvard undergraduates turned out in droves to attend an introductory computer science course this fall. Nearly 12 percent of the student body enrolled in the course, which also included online coursework. Coverage of the news was our most popular story of the year. The surge in enrollment is a good indication that interest is on the rise for IT-related skills.

Thanks to all of our readers who continue to share and love our stories. Based on your clicks, tweets and searches, here are 2014’s top 10 most popular EdTech: Focus on Higher Education stories:

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  4. The Future of Libraries: Harvard Students Are Thinking Outside the Box
  5. Technology Defines Much of Higher Education’s New Normal [#Infographic]
  6. EDUCAUSE 2014: Publisher Says ‘Textbooks Are Dead,’ and Adaptive Learning Is Rising from the Ashes
  7. 30 Ways Google Glass Works in Classrooms [#Infographic]
  8. Study: Notebook Computers Aren't the Best Way to Take Notes
  9. 5 Reasons Technology Should Be Allowed in the Classroom
  10. A Competency-Based Educational Shift Is Underway in Higher Ed

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