May 28 2024

Resilient Higher Education Institutions Adapt to Changing Conditions

Agility is paramount to resilience in higher education.

In the modern higher education environment, resilience is the key to survival. To be resilient is to be able to stand strong against looming obstacles, face them head-on and quickly recover.

At today’s colleges and universities, recruitment and retention challenges will only become more daunting as the 2025 enrollment cliff nears. Institutions must adapt their practices to remain resilient in the face of adversity, students’ changing needs and technological advancements.

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Nimble Thinking Gives Universities a Leg Up

One way universities can better meet students where they are is by collecting and interpreting student data throughout their learning journey. From targeted marketing campaigns to proactive advising plans that help students reach graduation, schools are using student lifecycle management tools to track the progress of potential, current and past students and make decisions based on that data.

“We’re fortunate to have started talking about the enrollment cliff a long time ago,” says Robert Berwick, Jacksonville University’s assistant vice president and registrar. “Today, as we look at enrollment or admissions data, one of the things we’re delving deeper into is where we see weaknesses.”

Promoting unique activities or fields of study can also be key in recruiting and retaining students. By designing and promoting their next-generation esports labs, institutions can attract students looking for a unique extracurricular activity, close-knit community or even a potential career path.

Beyond enrollment and retention, campus departments are challenging the status quo by using advanced technology to solve problems. University libraries are adapting to increasing storage needs by moving their physical archives to the cloud.

And The Ohio State University is responding to feedback about long lines at Ohio Stadium by using artificial intelligence to provide valuable crowd intelligence insights.

Agility is key to resilience and will be an increasingly important for higher education institutions that wishes stay ahead of looming challenges. Consider how technology investments like these can help your institution stay ahead of the curve.

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