Nov 28 2023

Bring Technology Within Reach for Higher Ed Students

An EDUCAUSE report shows students appreciate choice when it comes to learning modalities, but network connectivity is key to support hybrid and online instruction.

Access to technology is vital for today’s college students. But in order for campus IT leaders to make informed decisions, it’s important to know what students are looking for. The EDUCAUSE 2023 Students and Technology Report surveyed more than 1,900 higher education students across 10 institutions to find out what students want from their technology experiences in terms of flexibility, choice and equity.

Focusing on three major themes, the report sought to find out what it’s like to be a student in 2023. What do they need from their post-secondary educations, and how does technology play a role? The report considered the location of students, balancing the needs and preferences of on- and off-campus learners; the power of allowing students to choose the learning modalities that best meet their needs; and student expectations that schools should offer equitable and accessible access to education via assistive technologies.

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Here are the key findings of the report:

  • Access to internet connectivity is critical to students’ perceptions of their technology experiences. Off-campus students are more satisfied with their internet connectivity than those who live on campus.
  • Students who live off campus are more drawn to online and hybrid classes, while on-campus students prefer in-person learning.
  • Students want to choose which learning modalities work best for them.
  • Students are more satisfied with their hybrid course experiences when they can choose their own modalities.
  • Students with disabilities are significantly less satisfied with the technology experiences at their institutions.
Harry Campbell/Theispot; Getty Images: revel.stockart, StudioM1, bestbrk

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