Jul 30 2021

The Checklist: Avoid These UX Mistakes in Higher Education

Here are some critical considerations for IT leaders looking to improve the user experience for students.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in every industry, especially higher education. Despite hybrid learning’s significant growth, many students and educators are still not able to effectively use their digital learning solutions. A recent Promethean survey of 2,000 educators found that a third refrain from teaching with technology because they believe the tools to be unreliable.

To effectively deploy solutions, IT departments need a better understanding of existing shortcomings and processes. It may help to consider these common higher education UX mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid

Purchasing without input from users. Even though UX for students is often dependent on the quality of instructor user experiences, educators and students rarely have input in IT investment decisions. But keep in mind that surveys alone will not lead to comprehensive understandings of user experiences. They should be combined with methods such as usability testing and contextual inquiries.

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