Sep 30 2020

COVID-19 Brings Cybersecurity Risks and Opportunities

EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Program Director Brian Kelly discusses how the pandemic has affected higher education in 2020.

It was almost to be expected: Shortly after COVID-19 forced much of the United States into hibernation, universities around the nation began experiencing an uptick in cybersecurity threats. There are, after all, few things a cybercriminal appreciates more the opportunity to capitalize on chaos. For cybersecurity professionals, this has raised a critical question: How can they enable their faculty and staffers to continue learning and teaching while still protecting the security and privacy of their university’s network and all the valuable data it contains?

In this interview, EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Program Director Brian Kelly discusses the cyberthreats affecting universities during COVID-19, his thoughts on higher education’s response so far and how the cybersecurity events of this year could shape the future.

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monstArrr_/Getty Images