Oct 12 2020

The Checklist: Build Your Defense-in-Depth Strategy

To help higher education IT teams establish a more organized full-stack defense-in-depth cybersecurity approach, here are three key focus areas for enhancing your DiD design.

Shortly after COVID-19 forced postsecondary institutions to close campuses and move instruction online, an uptick in cyberattacks was seen across higher education. Universities large and small found themselves subject to ransomware, hacked videoconference classes and data leakage.

Meanwhile, with the vast majority of their users connecting from home, higher ed IT teams find themselves trying to secure a more complex network landscape than ever before. Enter defense in depth.

“Traditional, ‘monolithic,’ approaches to cybersecurity are becoming less reliable,” Richard Rudnicki, a Deloitte security specialist with 15 years of experience delivering cyber risk and regulatory compliance solutions to higher education, tells EdTech. “To address evolving risks, institutions should adopt multilayered approaches that involve people, process and technology.”

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laflor/Getty Images