Jul 02 2019

Aerohive Unveils AI–Enabled Technology for the Future of Enterprise Networking

Rising numbers of personal devices and new education technology demand smart solutions to keep campus Wi-Fi running smoothly.

Aerohive has announced two new artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help universities reach their maximum networking potential.

Demands on higher education networks have skyrocketed as current and incoming students use more personal devices than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center, 53 percent of students use tablets and 94 percent of college-age students have a cell phone.

Some institutions, such as the Ohio State University, are incentivizing students to attend their university by providing them with free tablets, increasing the network strain of personal devices on campus.

Additionally, new education technology integrations are adding to the burden put on campus networks, according to a report from Cisco. “Schools and universities are seeing increased use of new learning technologies like immersive learning via augmented and virtual reality,” the report notes. “Students are often the earliest adopters for new wireless devices.”


According to Aerohive, IT leaders need four key components for a successful network: flexibility, actionable insights, security and modern technology innovations.

IT leaders are “facing a myriad of new challenges both in how they can deploy and manage their networks and in the demands for client devices and applications,” said David Flynn, Aerohive CEO. 

In response to these findings, Aerohive has developed “Traffic Insights” and “Maximum Client Capabilities,” which use proximity-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tech to show IT leaders client behavior and monitor Wi-Fi capabilities, respectively. 

The company expects these tools will reduce the amount of time IT professionals spend on Wi-Fi related issues, opening up their resources for tasks like digital transformation initiatives.

Aerohive’s new AI-enabled tool is the latest in a trend of networking tools available to help universities improve their Wi-Fi capabilities. To learn more, check out “Smart Networks Use AI to Boost Performance.”


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