Nov 11 2014

30 Ways Google Glass Works in Classrooms [#Infographic]

From allowing students to connect virtually with peers and teachers to helping identify learning difficulties, the wearable tech has clear potential as an aid.

Ever seen wearers of Google Glass out in the wild? They're becoming more common in the blackboard jungle of higher education, where use of the wearable technology has taken off, thanks to some innovative applications.

Varied ways to use Google's werable technology have emerged, including as an aid to teach interactive, STEM-based class lessons, to augment learning for students with hearing impairments, and to help students visualize the abstraction of mathematics applied in the real world.

The futuristic glasses may have ground to make up in the mainstream market, but creative uses for them are being thought up and employed in classrooms around the world. Open Colleges, an online education organization based in Australia, has compiled an infographic on 30 applications for Glass in an educational setting.

Image courtesy of Google

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