Sep 21 2012

Where to Find Technology Job Opportunities for College Students and New Graduates

Jobs are hard to find, but technology is the place to be.

The job market isn’t ideal for college students and new graduates. However, students with degrees in STEM fields tend to be better off than those in other fields. Whether you are looking for a career or an internship, the technology market is growing quickly, and IT jobs are available for those who are qualified.

It’s best to begin building relationships before graduation, but if you are just getting started, here are a few places to look for internships and job opportunities for tech-savvy college students:


This site has become vital to all job searchers, but for college students — who tend to be active and engaged with social media — LinkedIn can be the ultimate job-searching tool. Search for jobs based on keywords and location and then save those search parameters for future scouting. Since your profile highlights your education and work experience, potential employers can check you out right away. Optimize your profile with strong writing, a good photo and as many references as you can get.


The audience on this website tends to be techy, so most of their job ads are related to engineering, IT, social media, design, development and marketing. You’ll find some of the most innovative and exciting companies in the world advertising jobs here. These positions are very cool, but they require complete professionalism and honed skills. New jobs posted everyday, so keep checking back.


This audience skews even more techy, and the CrunchBoard reflects that. If you are looking for IT, operations and engineering jobs, this is a great place to be active. Even if you aren’t experienced enough to apply for a senior-level technology job with a particular company, it’s a wise move to contact their HR department and begin the relationship-building process.

USA Jobs

The government is leading the way in many areas of technology, and they are always hiring. This site even has a section for students. If you are really interested in emerging technology, the government is one the most active and innovative places to look for a job.

Your school may be helpful as you enter the job market. Check to see whether they offer resume-writing classes and career counseling, post job listings or host job fairs.

Keep in mind that certain cities are hotbeds for technology — San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Washington, D.C., come to mind. The most attractive candidates are willing to move to a new place to explore a job opportunity. 

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