College Students and Smartphones

Aug 20 2012

Call Me, Maybe? The College Student’s Affair with Smartphones [Infographic]

How are students using their high-tech smartphones?

I can’t believe I’m going to quote Carly Rae Jepsen in an article about technology but here goes nothing:

Before you came into my life

I missed you so bad

And you should know that

So call me, maybe?

When I was in college, no one had a smartphone. But we missed them so bad! How did college students get directions, check the weather, settle bets, read the news and communicate on five different platforms? Back in my day, we had to sit at a desk and use a keyboard to chat with friends on AIM!

Smartphones are causing some issues on campus. Many schools are struggling with bandwidth issues while others find smartphones to be a distraction. Luckily, many professors are embracing the new technology and leveraging it in the classroom.

The infographic below breaks down exactly how college students are using their smartphones, what they are using them for and which phones they prefer.

College Students and Smartphones

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