Oct 14 2010

EDUCAUSE 2010: More Than A Transparency Machine

AVerMedia's line of document cameras has more than meets the eye.

Although many teachers are content to use their document camera as simply a replacement for their old transparency machine, more enlightened teachers are discovering AVerCampus and AVer+ Software, AVerMedia's online community and enhanced software application for their line of doc cams. The company has taken a giant leap forward by fostering collaboration among teachers through their new online community, AVerCampus. It's a place where teachers can interact and engage other teachers from around the world and participate in a vibrant, online community. There's an active forum with some threads numbering in the thousands, a blog, and even chat services. AverMedia also promotes their own products through this portal by offering promotions and contests, so it's a win or the company and a win for the user. For example, the 2010 AverMedia Interactive Classroom Video Contest is now open. Teachers are encouraged to submit a video for a chance to win a full interactive classroom from AVerMedia. The website also offers free online tutorials and webinars so teachers can learn the various features and functions of their device at their own pace and as their own schedules allow. They can also discover tips and acquire new skills and apply them to their own curricular goals.

Click Here to check out AVerCampus for yourself.

Using an AverMedia document camera and the all new AVer+ Software, teachers can benefit from AVerCampus by uploading and checking out teacher-created content: from videos, photos, and audio clips to full-blown lesson plans–all through an easy-to-navigate website. Even though the previous version of the doc cam software offered adequate functionality, it looked immature compared to the new version which feels polished and all grown up. It's still a free interactive software package that can be used for a variety of classroom applications and is still included with all AVerVision Document Cameras. Now, teachers can consolidate virtually all of their lesson materials into one digital file.

The AverMedia line of document cameras just keeps getting better and better, and combined with AVerCampus and the new AVer+ software, AVerMedia is positioned to remain a top competitor in the document camera space for years to come.

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