Oct 31 2006

President's Note

Welcome to the preview issue of EdTech, CDW·G's new quarterly magazine that will focus on helping college and university IT decision-makers apply innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our editorial mission is not only to provide actionable insights and strategies, as well as proven technology implementations and solutions, but also to explore how to measure return on investment (ROI). So when presidents, provosts, CFOs, department heads or faculty ask you to gauge project success, you'll have the metrics and proven solutions and strategies to support your initiatives.

EdTech was created to make sure you're always running at full speed by covering relevant and timely topics that ensure the IT department is better equipped to make solid technology decisions–and to make them quicker and smarter.

In each issue, we will offer best practice information from experts and campus IT veterans who will spotlight problem-solving technology implementations and help you determine the products, services and strategies needed to achieve strategic goals. Moreover, we'll show you IT projects and initiatives that other institutions are working on, the processes they're undertaking and the results they're achieving.

CDW·G understands that the environment surrounding higher education is extremely dynamic and fast paced, as institutions rely on technology to meet their growing demands. In terms of IT, pressure is building to serve multiple internal and external constituencies–often with tight budgets and limited support staff. Managers, directors and technology coordinators are focusing their efforts on supporting the university's wide-ranging initiatives and aligning technology with an institution's collective mission. But with today's institutions in a mode of constant evolution–a fact that's apparent from a stroll through any campus–the task is a daunting one.

Students on campus can now surf the Internet or access the university's networks remotely. They speak the digital language fluently, and they expect wireless and other cutting-edge technologies to be essential parts of modern institutions. That's one reason why the IT professional oftentimes must adopt a run-don't-walk mentality to stay ahead of everything.

EdTech is here to help.

Jim Shanks President, CDW·G