Jul 01 2020

Comprehensive Security: IT and School Leaders Get on the Same Page

Whether classes commence in person or online, security remains critical to ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for students. But often, protecting K–12 data and systems is easier said than done.

While there’s no one reason schools or districts might struggle to manage their risk, a lack of alignment between IT leaders and administrators will make any security obstacle — whether it’s tied to resources, regulations or information silos — that much more difficult to overcome.

Open communication is key to bridging that gap and paving the way for a proactive, comprehensive security approach that empowers student learning. That means technical and nontechnical stakeholders must come together to explore their school or district’s needs, goals and challenges from all sides.

This infographic outlines key ideas that can help guide those conversations between IT leaders and administrators. It covers:

  • Data and talking points about the likelihood and impact of a breach
  • Explanations of how top-priority security solutions support student learning
  • Additional considerations, such as common security obstacles
  • High-priority action steps for IT teams and administrators

Print it out, share it with your colleagues and reshape the security discussion at your school or in your district.

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