Dec 04 2020

ISTE20 Live: Understanding and Contextualizing Evolving Digital Equity Challenges

Too often, the conversation about digital equity is focused on one angle. In many cases, that's the devices. But educators understand that tackling true digital equity issues and achieving desired outcomes means looking at the problem holistically. This means discussing and addressing the digital equity issues not only from the perspective of putting devices in the hands of students, but also in empowering teachers with the necessary professional development to meaningfully engage with digital learning tools and processes. We spoke with several education experts to better gauge where the conversations around digital equity sit today and where they might be headed going forward.

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    • Patricia Brown, Instructional Technology Specialist, Ladue School District
    • Carla Jefferson, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Darlington County School District
    • Ken Shelton, Professional Speaker and Educational Strategist
    • Sonal Patel, Digital Learning Innovation Coordinator, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools 

Video Highlights

  • Digital equity conversations too often focus on the device aspect for students but not on the professional development needs of educators.
  • Without routine and regular practice and use of technology, gaps in mastery and efficacy with educational technology will persist.
  • Doing the work to close the digital equity gaps requires difficult conversations to confront biases and barriers.