Jun 27 2019

How to Get Started with a K-12 Data Privacy Roadmap

Limited time, lack of familiarity and a high number of digital devices can make data privacy feel overwhelming. Yet protecting the data of students, teachers and staff is a responsibility to which many K–12 leaders are starting to pay more attention. Experts emphasize that this isn't a one-and-done project, but an ongoing effort that must be integrated into routine operations.      


    • Linnette Attai, President, PlayWell LLC

Video Highlights

  • Organizations often start a data privacy program by looking at the technology they have, but a better strategy is to first examine the data, including levels of sensitivity and who should (and should not) have access to each type of data.
  • Stakeholders in data privacy include everyone in the organization, but top-down support is critical for the success of these initiatives.
  • Teachers are often given a mandate to support data privacy programs, without being equipped with the tools to understand specifically how they can contribute.