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September 7, 2010  

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Case Study  

Security Lockdown
School district deploys UTM

Seeking to better block spam and stop students from accessing forbidden domains, the Lynden School District in Washington replaced a hodge-podge of security technologies from different manufacturers with a Fortinet unified threat management solution that saves time and eases administration.

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Tech Trends  

Security Smarts
Management systems make sense of alerts

Tracking all the security events that occur on a large network can be near impossible for IT staff, so Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia tap security information event management tools to analyze and correlate events and respond appropriately.

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Tech Tips  

SSL VPN Virtuoso
Try these four tips for deployment

Unified threat management devices offer SSL VPNs with a lower price tag and easier management than their enterprise-class brethren. Here are four suggestions for using small-scale SSL VPNs more effectively.

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Product Review  

WatchGuard XTM 530
Appliance rolls multiple functions into a single device

The WatchGuard unified threat management appliance guards against viruses and malware, performs intrusion detection and prevention, blocks web pages and performs URL filtering to protect small and midsize organizations.

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Best Practices  

Data Loss Prevention
Ensure sensitive digital assets remain in your organization

Data loss prevention products offer valuable aid in detecting leakage of Social Security or credit card numbers. To get the most from these tools, apply proper policies and risk assessment

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What does it take to make one-to-one initiatives work for schools and their students?

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