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February 2, 2010  

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Case Study  

Trimming Down
Schools turn to thin clients

Union School District in San Jose, Calif., replaces obsolete PCs with Wyse R00L devices, enjoying cost savings, simpler management and improved security.

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Tech Trends  

Desktop Virtualization
IT alleviates administrative complexities

Thin clients and VMware vSphere 4 simplify student computing in Westerly, R.I., while Parallels Desktop aids administration at Connecticut private school.

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Tech Tips  

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009
How R2 paves the way to Windows 7

MDOP 2009 Release 2 boasts inventory, application virtualization, desktop virtualization and Advanced Group Policy Management capabilities to smooth Windows 7 rollouts.

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Product Review  

NComputing X550
Desktop virtualization kit facilitates sharing

The NComputing X550 supports up to six users from a single PC, maximizing efficiency and energy savings.

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Key Considerations
Be prepared for virtualization

Do your homework by answering these five questions before ramping up a virtualization rollout in your district.

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Video:IT Training

Learn about the unique program Charlotte County Public Schools developed to roll out training without radically expanding its PD budget.


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Virtualization and Infrastructure Optimization: Innovating for greater efficiency and flexibility


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