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November 18, 2009  

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IT Infrastructure Upgrades
Rolling out a brand-new backbone network

The chance to cut costs can make an infrastructure overhaul a smart move – even if the technology's still humming along. Just ask Carlos Rosa of Mahwah Township Public Schools, who opted to replace the New Jersey district's network to radically reduce maintenance overhead.

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Tech Tips  

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0
Identify systems ripe for virtualization

Think your systems are underutilized? The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit can help you figure out if your systems are running at peak performance and identify those ripe for virtualization.

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Tech Trends  

Creating Private Clouds
Schools weigh utility-computing options

Not ready to jump into cloud computing just yet? Try out a cloud for size in your own environment first. Find out how districts are launching mini-clouds within their own infrastructures.

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Product Review  

ARCserve Backup File Server Suite 12.5
New version helps structure file backups

CA tuned the latest version of its backup software, making de-dupe a core component. Our reviewer checks out how well the newest features in the software's File Server Suite stack up for storage management.

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Best Practices  

Plan for the Future
To get one-to-one right, focus on the details

Think of a technology plan as a road map for curriculum integration with IT. Our EdTech expert offers pointers to help you get your one-to-one program on a path to success.

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White Papers

Virtualization and Optimization: These key technology solutions help organizations reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

E-Rate for K-12: Information and guidance on the discount program that can help give your district or school a technology boost

Case Study

Earning an 'A' for Availability: Lake Forest Academy thwarts downtime with a total availability solution.

Best Practices

Network Management: Uptime Rules of Thumb

Power and Cooling: Greening The Data Center

Reference Guide

Virtualization and Infrastructure Optimization: Innovating for greater efficiency and flexibility, with lower cost and complexity


Microsoft Virtualization 360: From Datacenter to Desktop


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