Join EdTech: Focus On K–12 as our reporters and editors cover the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)'s 2012 annual conference in Washington D.C. As collaborative and other interactive technologies continue to make their way into America's classrooms, educators and school IT leaders will continue to be challenged to leverage these new tools to improve how they work and how their students learn.

Teachers, for example, must take advantage of professional development opportunities that will enhance their comfort with new technologies. Once they know how to use the technology, they must figure out how to integrate it into their lessons. Questions they might consider are these: How can algebra be turned into an engaging lesson that mirrors the real world? In what ways can technology be used to give students a deeper understanding of the American Revolution's historical impact?

CIOs, CTOs and other IT professionals, meanwhile, face infrastructure and policy questions such as these: What's the best way to equip more students with mobile learning tools such as tablets? How can our school boost Wi-Fi connectivity so that every classroom has a strong signal? What are the key elements of an acceptable-use policy in the "bring your own device" era?

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Latest Stories from CoSN 2012

Video: Fine-Tuning Filtering for K-12

Fine-Tuning Filtering for K-12

What to ban and to what degree continues to be a subject of debate as schools seek to protect kids without inhibiting anywhere, anytime learning.
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Video: Why Mobile Learning Matters

Why Mobile Learning Matters

When it comes to m-learning, the push continues.
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Video: Social Media Breaks Through K-12 Barriers

Social Media Breaks Through K-12 Barriers

Slowly but surely, schools tap into social tools when teaching students — and staff.
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Video: What's My Home Page?

What's My Home Page?

Surprise — everyone didn't say their district site or Google.
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Video: The Debate Over Assessments

The Debate Over Assessments

No one questions that metrics are needed, but are current standardized tests providing the best analytical data for gauging learning?
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Video: If I Only Had $1...

If I Only Had $1...

How would K–12 technology leaders spend a single dollar to improve education? Their answers might surprise you.
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Video: Schools Embrace the Cloud

Schools Embrace the Cloud

Though security worries still linger, districts and schools begin the migration to the cloud in earnest.
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How Schools Are Making the Shift to BYOD

How Schools Are Making the Shift to BYOD

It takes creativity, communication and collaboration to make BYOD policies work in K–12.
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Why Learning Needs a Clean Slate

Learning Needs a Clean Slate

CoSN conference Opening Plenary speakers Douglas Thomas and Mark Edwards share their vision for what learning can be.
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Video: An Education Revolution

Education Revolution

Are today's schools helping students learn in a way that prepares them for the world in which they live?
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Video: Deriving Value from BYOD

Deriving Value from BYOD

As more schools look to "bring your own device" initiatives as an economical option, schools with established programs expand their efforts.
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EdTech: Live from CoSN 2012

Educators and school IT leaders are gathering for the 2012 annual CoSN conference in Washington D.C.
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