Aug 01 2012

Will Richardson Offers 19 Bold Ideas to Transform Ed-Tech

A crash course in innovative thinking for K–12 education.

Speaking as part of an Ignite Session at the recent ISTE 2012 Convention in San Diego, author and educator Will Richardson offered not one, but 19 bold ideas for change, which we first came across on Technology and Learning’s T&L Advisor blog.

If you’re looking for some big ideas about how technology can inform education, do yourself a favor and take five minutes to watch Richardson masterfully tick through his inspirational list. He moves fast. So, whatever you do, don’t look away.

Here’s my top-five:

1. Flip the Power Switch: “This is not about us in our classrooms any longer. It’s about our kids being learners and really having the power to go in the directions that they want to go.”

2. Don’t “Do Your Own Work”:  “This in not just about what you do, it’s what you do with others.”

3. No More Workshops: “If you’re giving a blogging workshop, great. But make sure the prerequisite for the blogging workshop is that everyone comes having learned how to blog already. We don’t need to do how-to stuff any longer.”

4. I Want to Be Found By Strangers on the Internet: “If you think that your kids are not going to interact with strangers the rest of their learning lives, you’re crazy. They are. We have to get used to this.”

5. Unlearn. Relearn.: Unlearn just about everything that you know about teaching. Be willing to put it on the table right now and say, ‘Is this really my role in the classroom?’

What are yours? 

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