Sep 29 2020

Security Threats Demand Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

The world of cybersecurity never stops evolving. Attackers continue to become more sophisticated and well-funded, developing new tools and techniques that threaten the security of their targets. The business environment also evolves as organizations adopt new practices and supporting technologies, which can introduce new avenues for attacks. Security technology also marches on, rising to meet the challenges of new technologies to defend and new threats to defend against.

Endpoint protection technology plays an important role in this changing landscape, defending some of the most exposed components of an organization’s technology infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated attacks. Organizations that find themselves relying on outdated endpoint protection strategies expose themselves to significant risk when they operate in the modern threat environment. Next-generation endpoint protection technologies reach beyond the simplistic signature detection techniques of years past to incorporate many advanced features that help detect novel attacks, manage endpoint security proactively and identify the root causes of security compromises.

Organizations that incorporate next-generation endpoint protection solutions into their cybersecurity programs will find themselves not only well positioned against the threats posed by today’s landscape but also prepared to respond to the novel threats that will arise in the future.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "Security Threats Demand Next-Generation Endpoint Protection."


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