Jun 04 2021

How DevOps Is Revolutionizing IT

Across industries, IT shops are adopting DevOps methodologies to improve app quality, decrease time to deployment and optimize organizational efficiency. But DevOps requires more than just new tools and processes. A successful initiative will emphasize not only the tools and skills needed to implement DevOps but also the culture change that necessarily comes with the upending of traditional development practices.

It is common for higher education institutions to struggle with challenges including unrealistic expectations, insufficient collaboration between teams and unclear business outcomes. By overcoming these hurdles, organizations can implement more agile processes that lead to real-time feedback and constant iteration. A number of tools can help streamline DevOps initiatives. One of the most crucial is containerization, a technology that allows IT teams to develop and maintain applications using standard units of software. Containers can be created and replicated rapidly, giving organizations a tool to accelerate their development practices. Also, containers are extremely portable among multiple computing environments, a benefit that allows organizations to create cloud-native applications.

An effective DevOps initiative requires a blend of solutions, strategies and services. Many organizations turn to a trusted third-party partner to guide their efforts and avoid mistakes.

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