Mar 19 2014

Go Big With BI

Plenty of companies are aware of Big Data on a conceptual level, but how many are actually leveraging the power of information on a grand scale? Many financial institutions, from banks to investment firms, are at the forefront of the Big Data revolution, and this guide reveals how they use that data to feed their business intelligence insights.

As you'll learn in this guide, the benefits of business intelligence go beyond a bump up for the bottom line. The insights gleaned as part of the process can help your business reduce risk, predict outcomes and improve compliance.

And the number of tools to reach these outcomes has expanded significantly since business intelligence's humble beginnings in the 1960s. The degree to which your business can delve into its data, employing content, context and cognitive analytics as well as other capabilities, will often dictate how successful your efforts become.

So take the plunge and find out how business intelligence has been used in the past, what some best practices are and how it could find a home in your strategic suite.


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