Sep 10 2021

As Cloud Adoption Accelerates, Security Must Keep Pace

Cloud security requires the same level of governance, compliance and risk management that organizations apply to on-premises security, yet it often falls short of that objective.

Numerous factors make it difficult to mitigate cloud risk manually, but poor visibility and a lack of staff expertise are two of the most common. The nature of public clouds themselves can pose challenges: Each service provider has distinct default configurations, and providers are continually making changes to their environments.

As a result, many IT departments find it difficult to confidently and effectively assess the security of a given cloud environment, let alone take action to reduce that risk. A risk-based approach to cloud procurement and operation is essential, however. It allows organizations to leverage the significant benefits of the cloud without jeopardizing their data assets, financial resources, compliance and reputation.

Multicloud environments are both powerful and complex, and they do pose unique security considerations, particularly with regard to configuration. The need for better control and visibility drives many organizations to deploy a cloud security posture management platform. CSPM tools examine cloud security configurations and compare them against best practices and compliance frameworks to identify (and, depending on the solution, automatically correct) any gaps.

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