Jun 28 2022

Higher Ed Reimagined: Accelerating University Research With Network Upgrades

The University of Florida is home to the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer in higher education, and recently built an ultra-high-speed network to support it. As amount of university research data grows larger, they need a fast, higher-capacity network to keep up. To meet demand, the university has built a new network that doubles network speeds to 400 gigabits per second for research.

“That connection not only is going to help the researchers, but also is going to help the academic community,” says Elias Eldayrie, vice president and CIO of the University of Florida.

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    • Elias Eldayrie, Vice President and CIO, University of Florida
    • Erik Deumens, Director, Research Computing, University of Florida

Video Highlights

  • The University of Florida's new GPU-based HiPerGator AI supercomputer, the largest and fastest supercomputer in higher education, is supporting the institution's AI initiative for students while also giving researchers extra networking power.
  • The university recently decided to combine its two networks into a consolidated infrastructure to ensure high-end data and networking capabilities are available to both researchers and the academic community.
  • In addition to increased capabilities thanks to the supercomputer and consolidated infrastructure, the university is hiring 100 additional faculty members in AI.