EDUCAUSE 2012 Wrap-Up

November 2012

CDW: People Who Get IT
The Conference is over, but we're not finished.

In case you missed it at EDUCAUSE.

We thought you might be interested in the best of our exclusive video content from the conference, in which higher ed leaders and experts reflect on key issues discussed during educational sessions and throughout the exhibit hall.

Championing Digital Conversion

Championing Digital Conversion - Click here to view video.

Campus faculty and IT staff find themselves at an exciting, transitional moment as they adapt the learning environment to a more digital model.

Today's CIO Role Is Pervasive

Today's CIO Role Is Pervasive - Click here to view video.

IT leaders find their jobs continue to evolve as they transition from a facilitator role into more of a business partner.

Collaboration Tools Expanding

Collaboration Tools Expanding - Click here to view video.

Colleges are encouraging collaboration and choosing from a wide range of technologies to let users interact in new ways.


Disruptive Learning Models

Disruptive Learning Models - Click here to view video.

Breakthrough models poised to reshape learning are being developed through 12 grants from the Next Generation Learning Challenges project.

CIOs Tackle Cloud Concerns

Slow Moving Clouds - Click here to view video.

Concerns about risk remain, but the move to the cloud makes sense when it improves the bottom line and increases functionality.

Optimization Remains the Goal

Why BYOT Makes Sense - Click here to view video.

Virtualization and the cloud can be avenues for optimizing IT infrastructure and pumping ROI into innovation.

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