Mar 14 2023

EdTech’s Management Madness: Vote Now

Let us know which software or service is most important to your institution’s IT department as we celebrate the start of March Madness.

The week college basketball fans have been waiting 12 months for has finally arrived as the men’s and women’s NCAA Division I tournaments are about to get underway, captivating campuses around the country with teams in the field and leaving the rest hoping for next year.

And, of course, no March Madness would be complete without the accompanying bracket bonanza. The American Gaming Association estimated that more than 36 million of us filled out a bracket last year and many will do so this year as well in competitions with friends, family, co-workers and anybody else willing to put their prognosticating prowess to the test.

This got us at EdTech thinking: What if we put together a bracket filled not with basketball teams but with vital higher education technology? Surely this is something no one’s thought of before.

[checks notes]

[finds brackets for best cereal mascotbest episode of The Simpsonsbest cheesemost egregious marriage-related Instagram captionbest bracket and, uh, EdTech Madness 2019.]


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Nevertheless, here we are again with another bracket to add to the pile and we’re asking for your help to crown a champion.

This year, we’re wondering which software or service is most critical to your higher ed IT departments, and the voting is underway on our Twitter feed.

Will data management emerge the winner over cybersecurity? Will device configuration beat out IT support? Who will win in a faceoff between staffing and device deployment? And which combatant will be victorious in the battle of the managements: license or cloud?

Vote early, tell your friends and check back throughout the week for the semifinal games and championship showdown. We’ll declare a winner next Tuesday just as we kick off a week of EdTech content all about the software and services IT departments are relying on to get through the work week, at least when it’s not interrupted by some college hoops.

Enjoy the games!

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