Oct 07 2021

Review: Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard

Elegant design and user-friendly features make this a great complement for the Apple iPad Pro.

Increasingly, institutions must support users who work from various locations on and off campus throughout the day. Those users often depend on a set of good peripherals to work more efficiently, and tablet cases tend to be key pieces within their toolkits. 

With this philosophy in mind, Logitech offers a combination keyboard case with trackpad that gives new levels of versatility to iPad Pro users. The Logitech Combo Touch was designed to tackle several of the potential challenges that institutions might face when using iPad devices — essentially, the need to input data with as little friction as possible, on the go. 

At this and other issues often faced in academics, the Logitech keyboard excels where many others struggle. 

A Multitouch Trackpad That Is Easy to Use

The new click-anywhere trackpad is one of the largest that Logitech has ever created. As such, it provides users with more usable space and room for error when initiating computer functions. The trackpad also allows for multitouch gestures that let users tap, swipe, pinch or spread the screen or application using one or more fingers. That makes easy work of essential actions such as zooming and scrolling. 

The keyboard and case, built of lightweight materials, weigh only 1.2 pounds on their own. With an iPad Pro in it, the total weight comes to a hair under three pounds. This weight is perfect for supporting a sturdy frame that protects the iPad while facilitating easy access. 

Even removing the iPad from its case, often a burdensome task, is simple. With a little pressure, the unit pulls out of the heavy rubber wrappings that keep the tablet safe from falls or bumps. 


Review: Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard


The case is wrapped with thick rubber bezels that surround the chassis, including wide openings for the Lightning port and other peripheral inputs and outputs, including two additional openings for the iPad speakers. 

One side of the case has a well-placed slot to secure the Apple Pencil. The design makes it easy to reach, yet has enough grip that the pencil won’t pop out accidentally.

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Fast and Flexible User Experience 

While the trackpad is roomy, the case itself is the thinnest that Logitech offers. It’s also one of the thinnest I’ve ever used that also includes a trackpad. That, in addition to the professional-level styling and woven outer fabric, makes this a great fit for any classroom or office on campus. It looks great and feels comfortable. 

When the keyboard is in use, a secure and fantastically simple magnetic snap keeps the unit in place. The case, keyboard and trackpad start working immediately once the connection is made. 

Flexibility has become a key goal for many aspects of higher education technology, and this product is no different. It offers a user-friendly, well-designed experience for faculty and students alike.

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Ease of Use for Work in Remote Teaching and Learning Environments

I tested the case by taking notes during several online seminars. This was done in less-than-ideal conditions, requiring a heavy dependence on the keyboard for notes and quick edits with the trackpad. During these tests, I documented what I discovered to be the most important attribute of an effective case: the ability to get up and running quickly from anywhere, even if you are not sitting at an actual desk or work area.

In every case, the keyboard impressed with its easy-to-use design. The best example is the Smart Connector technology, which delivers a responsive trackpad feature and makes powering and pairing the keyboard instantaneous — just snap it on and start working. As a result, there’s no Bluetooth pairing to worry about or power buttons to fiddle with. There’s also no need to charge the device. It’s an elegantly simple design.

I typed comfortably for hours. The backlit keys were easy to find, automatically adjusting their brightness as needed when room conditions changed and when it began to get dark late in the day. The keyboard also supports the full range of iPad shortcut keys and gestures.
With so many students and instructors learning and teaching in various types of environments these days, the Logitech keyboard and case removes some of the stress by providing a solid peripheral that is literally ready in a snap.


Product Type : Keyboard and folio case
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Interface: Apple Smart Connector
Backlighting: 16 levels of brightness
Dimensions:9.9x7.5x0.7 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds
Compatibility:Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (first, second and third generations)


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