Apr 26 2021

Elevating IT: The Future of Higher Education Is Technological

Over the course of several decades, information technology in higher education has ascended from a single campus mainframe to the university boardroom.

If ever there was a time for IT departments to shine, this is it. Even before the pandemic forced a transition to remote learning in March 2020, universities were increasingly recognizing the critical role that technology will continue to play as the future unfolds. The role of CIO had already reached ubiquity on higher ed campuses. Schools were increasingly exploring online learning options and cloud transitions. Discussions around digital transformation gained steam, even if the path forward seemed uncertain (and, in some cases, underfunded).

Then came COVID-19 and, with it, heightened concerns about declining enrollment numbers and questions from students about whether their degrees would be worth the tens of thousands of dollars they’d spend to earn them. Throughout these conversations, a common thread emerged: Technology would play a significant role in answering these questions and solving the problems behind them.

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