Nov 06 2018

Higher Education Leaders and Students Explore AI-Enabled Video Platform [#Infographic]

University administrators and educators consider personalized academic video selections to bring education to the Netflix era.

Colleges have found that students would rather learn from educational video content than from a traditional textbook. This has video in high demand across education, and the preference will only grow in coming years. 

With that in mind, universities are looking for ways to integrate video learning with new pedagogical practices like personalized learning. 

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence can help students find the best videos, similar to how Netflix finds the best movies for its subscribers based on their preferences. In fact, a survey by Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite and University Business found that 90 percent of respondents believe future students will expect on-demand educational videos. 

“The possibilities for how technology can personalize learning are endless,” says Kurt Eisele-Dyrli, research editor for University Business. “This survey shows that higher education leaders see a lot of potential, specifically in the combination of AI and academic video, to create personalized education on a new level. It’s going to be fascinating to see how colleges and universities will use these tools in the future.”

To better convey how AI and video content are making inroads in higher education, Sonic Foundry and University Business have created an infographic that presents their recent findings.

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