Mar 27 2018

The 2018 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 30 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs

Whether they are administrators or IT gurus, these bloggers know the ins and outs of how technology is reshaping education.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of higher education is difficult without some expert advice. Look no further than our annual Dean’s List, a compilation of the must-read blogs that explore the role of technology at universities.

These education trailblazers — ranging from professors to provosts to IT professionals — offer up their insights about the trends and challenges surrounding the latest technology.

If you’d like to check out the Must-Read IT blogs from previous years, view our lists from 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

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Academic Tech Tips

Written by the instructional technology and research support staff at Loyola University Chicago, this blog offers technical advice for those on campus and insights for interested educators.

Loyola University Chicago


Technology has truly reshaped the role of the academic librarian. ACRLog offers support for university librarians navigating the new landscape that technology has created for them.

Association of College and Research Libraries

Cyber Antiquity

As a classics professor, Valentina DeNardis might not seem like an obvious choice for a tech guru, but the Microsoft Innovative Educator blends technology into the study of the past on a daily basis. Her blog features a ton of actionable tips for educators.

Cyber Antiquity
Valentina DeNardis

Dean of Engineering

Joseph Hartman, the dean of engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell, uses his blog as a way to advise students and staff on the best ways to innovate, manage time and thrive. He covers everything from innovating in the field to navigating college in the 21st century.

Digital Leadership in Higher Education

Dr. Josie Ahlquist’s blog and podcast are devoted to what she does best: cultivating digital leadership skills among college students, educators and administrators. She offers up her opinions on a variety of social media platforms and other digital media.

Dr. Bras’ Blog

As a professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech provost Rafael Bras is no stranger to the reality of how technology will shape the 21st-century workforce. In his blog, he keeps an eye on the future while also encouraging students and faculty to innovate on campus.

E-Learning Queen

Early ed-tech adopter Susan Smith Nash has been championing classroom technology since the 1990s. For educators and administrators interested in online learning and instructional design, Nash’s blog is a great resource.


In this blog, thought leaders Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein explore the ins and outs of classroom technology in higher education. With posts on everything from analytics to personalized learning, this blog can be helpful for educators looking to bring the classroom into the 21st century.

Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill

EDUCAUSE Review Blogs

Educational thought leaders from across the country — and EDUCAUSE’s own leadership — deliver their insights on all of the topics integral to technology in higher education. Blog topics range from the biggest cybersecurity issues to academic transformation.

Embedded in Academia

Programming is the main focus of this blog by University of Utah computer science professor John Regehr. With posts aimed at both students and educators, Regehr leverages his experience to help others understand the world of programming.

ESU Information Technology

Vital tech tricks are the focus of Emporia State University's IT blog. This blog has everything from classroom tech tips to security best practices that could benefit everyone on campus.

Emporia State University IT

The Extensible Librarian

Serving as a platform for the musings of an undisclosed librarian at Sacred Heart University, The Extensible Librarian covers everything from disruptive technology to why print books continue to have staying power.

Sacred Heart University
Sacred Heart University

Georgia Tech Admission Blog

At the modern college, admissions have changed immensely. This blog looks at how Georgia Tech has embraced technology in the recruitment and college admission process.

Georgia Tech Admissions
Georgia Tech Admissions

HelioCampus Blog

Data analytics firm HelioCampus was spun off from the University of Maryland University College's very successful data analytics program. This blog focuses on issues surrounding data, such as how to transform institutional data into actionable information.

Higher Ed Live

Higher Ed Live's blog offers insightful posts tailored to admissions offices and explores how technology is changing the way these users are working. Recent posts have specifically focused on user experience design.

The Lone Sysadmin

Former professor and current IT generalist Bob Plankers isn’t one to shy away from the complexities of technology. His blog delves deep into IT and serves as a great guide for those working to support tech integration.

Michael Zimmer

Digital citizenship and internet ethics are the focus of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee associate professor Michael Zimmer's blog. His insights cover everything from data ethics to cyberbullying.

Mr. Library Dude

University libraries are growing increasingly more tech-savvy. Mr. Library Dude, aka Joe Hardenbrook, a reference and instruction librarian at Carroll University, explores just how libraries will continue to change on his blog.

Official Blog of the University of Advancing Technology

As its name implies, the University of Advancing Technology likes to be on the cutting edge. This blog takes an inside look at all of the school’s endeavors and how it is furthering technology integration on college campuses everywhere.

University of Advancing Technology
University of Advancing Technology


This blog from the Ohio Technology Consortium details innovations on campuses in Ohio and across the country. Hot topics such as immersive technologies and net neutrality are examples of featured posts.

Ohio Technology Consortium
Ohio Technology Consortium

Pearson Teaching and Learning Blog

Pearson's Teaching and Learning Blog explores how technology is evolving the modern-day college classroom, from curriculum and textbooks to more immersive experiences.

Remi(x) Learning

University of Colorado Denver professor Remi Kalir studies digital and media literacy and provides best practices for students, educators and researchers. On his blog, he offers advice for how communications professors can inform students on how best to use the web.

Robert Talbert

Mathematics professor Robert Talbert has revamped his blog to focus on how technology has reshaped the teaching profession. His posts cover everything from increasing accessibility to humanizing computer science.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Rutgers University’s Teaching and Learning with Technology team helps educators adopt instructional technology in online and hybrid courses. Their blog posts provide insight into how technology can be a great equalizer in higher education.

Rutgers University’s Teaching and Learning with Technology
Rutgers University TLT

The Tech Edvocate

The Edvocate, aka Matthew Lynch, is a well-known voice in K–12, but his higher education tech coverage shouldn't be ignored. Lynch covers thought leadership and offers helpful tips and lists to college-level educators and IT leaders.

Technology and Learning

Blogging for Inside Higher Ed, Joshua Kim, the director of digital learning initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, focuses on higher education's power to literally change the world.

Technology and Organizations

Like higher education institutions, Terri Griffith’s main goal is to prepare people for “the future of work.” Her speaking, writing, teaching and research look at how emerging technologies are reshaping work at colleges.

UC IT Blog

Though this blog was designed with University of California IT staff in mind, the posts made by the team also feature spotlights and research that anyone in higher education can benefit from.

University of California IT
University of California IT

User Generated Education

Online educator Jackie Gerstein believes technology can create an educational experience shaped by the users themselves. In addition to offering advice on innovative education, Gerstein also presents valuable thought leadership on pedagogy.

UT CS Student Blog

When it comes to the future of computer science education, who makes a better guru than a millennial student? Four students at the University of Texas at Austin explore multiple facets of computer science, from entrepreneurship and creativity to failure.

University of Texas at Austin Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin Computer Science

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