Dec 20 2015

How to Enable the Connected Campus

As more devices arrive on campuses, IT teams have to always stay one step ahead of bandwidth usage.

High-speed Wi-Fi has become a selling point for dorms. Universities have been shoring up wireless networks in residence halls in an ever-growing bid to attract more students. The arms race of bandwidth never ceases, particularly when the average college student brings seven connected devices, according to the latest College Explorer report from Refuel Agency.

A new infographic from CDW•G, Enabling the Connected Campus, shows how an expanding web of connected devices is shaping higher education and influencing how students pick their campuses.

"Higher education institutions must rise to the challenge to provide ubiquitous connectivity and rich technology resources – or risk losing prospective students to competitors," according to a CDW•G news release.

Explore CDW•G's infographic on its website.