Feb 11 2015

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Delivers on Power and Play

Several easy-to-manage features keep this multipurpose tablet running safe and sound on and off campus.

Early tablets, though fine products, exhibited flaws that made them less-than-perfect replacements for notebook or desktop computers. But Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 hits the bull’s-eye for students and other educational users who want a tablet form factor but need more functionality to accomplish multiple tasks.

The biggest upgrade on the Surface Pro 3 is the processor. The unit tested had a speedy Intel Core i5 that could open large Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint files with ease. It also scored an incredible 2,112 on PassMark Software’s PerformanceTest benchmarks, putting it in line with most notebooks (and some desktops) in terms of raw performance. (Tablets rarely earn a PassMark score higher than 1,000.)

For a tablet to become a true notebook replacement, a large screen size is paramount — and the Surface Pro 3 delivers. The 12-inch screen’s 3:2 aspect ratio gives users more working space while still technically being a widescreen format. A rear kickstand can be set at 20- to 150-degree angles, allowing for perfect positioning on a desk, in a lap or as a presentation device.

In addition to a 250-gigabyte hard drive, the Surface Pro 3 offers 15GB of online storage through Microsoft OneDrive, which automatically syncs files between the tablet and the cloud. As a bonus, Office 365 subscribers can increase that storage space to a full terabyte.

The device ships with an upgraded Surface Pen that has more input buttons. The accessory has the heft of a real pen and simulates the feel of writing on paper. An optional snap-on keyboard also has been upgraded and is highly recommended. New features include backlit keys and an enlarged touchpad that’s easier to work with than previous iterations.

A Surface Pro 3 with a keyboard is indistinguishable in performance from most notebooks, yet it has all the tablet features that users also crave. The device’s battery held up for eight hours and 10 minutes in testing, even when constantly in use, and recharged fully in less than an hour. As a multipurpose computing device, the Surface Pro 3 is just about perfect.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Capable of running Microsoft Windows 8.1, other Windows-based programs and a variety of apps

Notebook-size screen features full high-definition resolution and color-matched graphics

Intel Core i-series processor delivers notebook performance in a tablet format

Dimensions: 11.5x7.93x0.36 inches
Weight: 1.76 pounds
Battery Life :Up to 9 hours
Display: 12 inches (2160x1440 HD)
Processor: 64-bit Intel Core i5-4300U
Connectivity: USB 3.0, microSD, Mini DisplayPort


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