Jun 30 2014

College Prestige and Internet Speed Don't Go Hand-in-Hand #Infographic

Only one of the 25 schools with the fastest speeds made the endowment top 10 list.

The most expensive colleges don't necessarily have the fastest Internet speeds.

A new infographic from Valore Books and TestMy.net, originally posted by Huffington Post, scrutinized the bandwidth offered at many of the top higher education institutions across the country.

The results? Of the 25 colleges with the fastest speeds, only one was also ranked in the top 10 for endowments: Texas A&M University.

"While Internet speeds may not be the most important factor at play when choosing a college, a school's investment in its technological infrastructure reflects its commitment to innovation — which should be on a prospective student's checklist," according to the infographic.

Lamar State College in Port Arthur, Texas, topped the list, with a 154.8 Mbps download rate, and a 47.8 Mbps upload rate. Meanwhile, top endowment school Harvard University's Internet speeds were a 23.1 Mbps download rate and a 9.2 Mbps upload rate.



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