Apr 02 2014

March Madness: Meet the CIOs of This Year's Final Four Teams

Basketball isn't the only exciting thing happening at these four prestigious universities.

As the 2013–2014 college basketball season comes to a close, we’re left with four teams that hope to make it to the big dance on Monday, in Arlington, Texas.

But while the men of the Kentucky, Florida, UConn and Wisconsin basketball teams are stellar on the court, their CIOs are also hard at work outfitting classrooms with resources and technology to help prepare the student athletes and their peers to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Check out these four facts, and learn more about the CIOs who make these four powerhouse schools secure and savvy.

University of Kentucky

CIO: Vince Kellen, @vkellen

Kellen has been the CIO of the University of Kentucky since February 2009 and is the first person to hold the title. He also serves on the advisory boards for major companies, such as Apple and Blackboard. During his tenure, Kellen has been extremely passionate about the growth and expansion of the IT capabilities of UK and has outlined six goals for the department in the UKIT strategic plan.

University of Florida

CIO: Elias G. Eldayrie

Improving the University of Florida’s IT portfolio is just one of the goals CIO Elias Eldayrie has for the university in Gainesville, Florida. His department has its own Twitter account, which provides students and faculty members with information regarding software updates, workshops and more.

University of Connecticut

CIO: Michael Mundrane

Even though Mundrane has been the CIO of UConn for only seven months, he has 17 years of IT experience and leadership at other universities. His three goals for University Information Technology Services are to deliver services with the right qualities, enable the department to partner with the many activities on campus and ensure that IT aids in research and teaching in addition to administrative applications and basic infrastructure.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

CIO: Bruce Mass, @UWMadisonCIO

As the CIO of the flagship school in the University of Wisconsin system and a board member of EDUCAUSE, Mass is deeply engaged in all things IT and higher education and loves to discuss his views on leadership, technology and innovations on social media. In fact, he ranks 18th on the Huffington Post’s list of the 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter for 2014.


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