Jan 28 2014

Seen and Heard at #OETC14

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is one of the largest ed-tech events in America. Check out some of the highlights from the first day of the 2014 show.

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference got off to an exciting start yesterday in Columbus, Ohio. The annual conference draws more than 5,000 ed-tech professionals from K–12 and higher education to share ideas and insights about putting technology to work for our nation’s students.

One of the focuses of the first day was the keynote, “Why Future Trends in Higher Education Demand Unlearning,” from author and futurist Jack Uldrich. The following excerpt from one of Uldrich’s recent blog posts provides a taste of what attendees heard at the conference:

Here’s what I see. I see a world where the students default setting is customization. They can go to a Starbucks and order their coffee in a hundred different ways. They can customize their music on their iPods or smartphones; their friends on Facebook; and their news through RSS feeds. Why, if they want to, they can even customize their shoe designs at Nike’s website.

Why, I continued, don’t you think they expect the same from education. The answer, of course, is that students are demanding this; the problem is that the educational establishment isn’t delivering–but therein lies the opportunity for innovation.

Here are some highlights from Uldrich’s talk, courtesy of a few social-media-friendly attendees:

We will post videos from the talk as they become available. In the meantime, here are a few more social media posts from the first day, including tech-integration specialist Kevin Honeycutt’s drone video:

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