Jul 03 2013

Is the Art of Teaching Creativity Dead? [#Infographic]

Study results show there is a serious lack of creative stimuli in the American education system.

Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

American educators pride themselves on succeeding in an education system that is sometimes adversarial.”. Budgets are tight, and often the focus of colleges is simply getting optimal results from standardized testing.

A recent international Adobe study, Barriers to Creativity in Education: Educators and Parents Grade the System, examined the roots of creativity in global education. It is evident that educators and parents are aligned when it comes to empowering students and fostering creativity.

Education is an important element of a population’s advancement and economic prosperity. In order to ensure there is enough spark in the innovation engine, American educators and parents agree that more needs to be done to nurture creativity throughout the education system.

The study results show that testing is viewed as an impediment to student creativity. Teachers spend time training students to pass standardized tests rather than exercising students’ creative sides. The education framework is stagnant.

Without an incentive, educators feel thwarted. They want to do more — they just don’t have the necessary funds or resources. In fact, American educators stood out in the study because of how ardently they claimed responsibility for integrating creativity into the classroom.

A surprising 94 percent of college educators believe they can do more to teach creativity. Compared with only 51 percent in the United Kingdom. There is a clear call to action for higher education to embrace the more imaginative elements of advanced learning.

Finding inspiration at the university level shouldn’t be an unattainable goal for students. A metamorphosis needs to take place, in which college curriculums focus less on pursuing bureaucratic motives and more on encouraging creativity.

In the future, what does creativity look like at the higher education level? What are the next steps to funding inspiration for the sake of generations to come?

The study’s infographic can be found below.

Creativity in Higher Education

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