Jun 12 2013

40 Colleges Using Vine to Engage with Students and Alumni

Somewhere between YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, Vine is the perfect platform for sharing.

Vine is the latest social networking platform to gain traction on mobile devices. The app, owned and operated by Twitter, allows users to share six-second videos and is catching on quickly. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Mary Meeker mentions Vine in her 2013 Internet Trends Report and tech blog BGR addressed the app in a recent post:

Vine’s monthly active user base soared from 2% to nearly 8% of iPhone owners in the U.S. between January and April. According to Onavo, Vine’s engagement growth in May is far faster than that of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Chrome, Snapchat or other rivals. As a matter of fact, Vine’s engagement growth is more than seven times faster than Snapchat’s.

Every college uses social media to engage with students and alumni. Apps like Twitter and Instagram paved the way for quick, visual snippets of information. Vine is a new way to communicate, and a number of schools are testing out the new medium. Here are a just a few of them.

Editor’s note: Vine’s search function is limited. As a result, so is our list. Please leave a comment if you would like us to include your college on this list.

Princeton University

Stanford Engineering

Stanford Business

University of Michigan

University of Florida

University of Oregon

Duke University

Oregon State University

UCLA Health

Notre Dame University

Boise State University

Drexel University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Portland

Xavier University

High Point University

Bentley University

Colorado State University

George Washington University

Northwestern University

Hofstra University

Butler University

University of New Hampshire

Elon University

Marquette University

Miami University

Temple University

Cornell University

Lehigh University

Rutgers University Student Affairs

Drew University

Georgia Southern University Campus Recreation

University of Washington Athletics

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Minnesota Admissions

Washburn University

USC Grad Engineering

Iowa State University Police

Webster University

Bowling Green State University

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