Dec 26 2012

The Most Popular Higher Education Technology Posts of 2012

10 stories that caught the attention of the higher education community.

Best of 2012

It’s been an epic year for technology in education. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have taken center stage, sages on the stage are transitioning to guides on the side, big data is guiding course selection and learning has gone social. While the year is coming to a close, technology is only just beginning to drive real change in the higher education community.

With the luxury of hindsight, we can look back and see how these topics emerged and which trends will forever define 2012. A few key phrases in the list below highlight the topics that caught our readers’ attention this year: tablets, social media, the flipped classroom.

MOOC Search Trends

According to Google Trends, searches for the term "MOOC" exploded in 2012.

Not only is technology changing the way we deliver and consume education, it’s also sprawling. It changes the way professors teach, students learn and administrators manage, and technology has probably caused more than a few IT staffers to throw their hands up in frustration. The changes are as exciting as they are challenging, and one thing is certain: Technology will keep us on our toes in 2013.

One benefit of collecting data is that, as trends emerge, it gives us the opportunity to make educated guesses about what the future holds. According to our own analytics as well as to Google’s Trends tool, it’s likely that MOOCs will continue to dominate the higher education discussion. The graph to the right shows the surge in Google search queries on the topic, which exploded in 2012.

Thank you, loyal readers, for making it a great year. To cap it off, here are the most popular EdTech stories of the year:


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