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Nov 12 2012

Technology’s Pervasive Impact on Higher Education [#Infographic]

For better or for worse, technology is everywhere in higher education.

Technology’s impact on education has been significant. From consumer devices to social media, Internet marketing to telepresence, colleges are finding many ways to leverage technology to engage students.

While a healthy Facebook presence could benefit a college’s recruiting efforts, technology’s role in pedagogy has drawn much more attention. Some professors believe that technology in the classroom is a distraction, while others have embraced it with open arms. But as the infographic below shows, technology is pervasive in the lives of college students, so it must be addressed head-on by college presidents and professors. Developing effective policies can allow tools such as smartphones and resources such as Wikipedia to be a huge benefit rather than a big nuisance.

This infographic highlights some of the areas where technology has been widely adopted by both students and professors. It also touches on the distractions technology creates, referred to as the “21st Century Crutch.”

We are curious to hear what roadblocks you have run into with technology. Let us know in the Comments section.

Technology Impact on Education

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