Oct 04 2012

Proof That a College Education Is Worth It [Infographic]

For those who can afford college, the investment pays off.

With the cost of college rising every year, and the access to free learning materials from major universities increasing, some people have concluded that a college education is no longer worth the investment. But whether or not the higher education bubble bursts, there is plenty of data that suggests a college degree will help graduates earn more money — possibly as much as $800,000 over a lifetime. As long as college costs are less than that, it appears to be a sound investment. Many Americans, however, disagree:

A majority of Americans (57%) say the higher education system in the United States fails to provide students with good value for the money they and their families spend. An even larger majority—75%—says college is too expensive for most Americans to afford.

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Digging deeper into the debate reveals that the education itself will always be worthwhile; it’s the cost that needs to change. We know that technology could be the agent for change, but it has to be embraced by universities and students alike.

What changes would you like to see to make a college education more affordable?

Is college worth the investment?

This infographic originally appeared on Visual.ly.