Aug 01 2012

Which Colleges Rule the Web? [Infographic]

Clean code, social media and YouTube views are increasingly important for colleges.

What font does your college’s website use? Almost none of your site’s visitors could name the typeface, but, increasingly, web design is playing a very important role in Internet marketing at higher education institutions. (If you are having trouble choosing a font, go for a sans-serif font like Helvetica or Arial, and avoid Comic Sans like the plague!)

HackCollege took a look at a number of variables affecting web marketing, user interface and social media engagement for some of the top schools in the nation. They looked at colleges with:

  • The most active Twitter account
  • The most Twitter followers
  • The most active Facebook page
  • The most Facebook Likes
  • The best Alexa Rank
  • The most YouTube views
  • The most CSS errors
  • The cleanest code
  • The most popular colors on websites
  • The most commonly used fonts

The data tell an interesting story about how colleges are adopting — some quickly, some not — the technology available to everyone.

Technology in Higher Education Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on HackCollege.